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One time

My mother called me and told me about her dream the previous night. 

She said that she was getting remarried to Aamir Khan.

She’s always had the hots for him since his comeback in Fanaa. (Personally, I think he looked like a little bitch in that film.)

And in the dream, I was happy and smiling, applying intricate wedding henna to her hands.

and I was like,

me too mom.

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yearbook portrait…and meaningful quote.
look at this fake book cover I made for a project.
Anonymous asked: bangladesh was part of india. you have some indian in you. chill.

Yes I am aware, I’m also aware it was also East Pakistan. But I refuse to be called Indian. Do you know why? Because blood was shed in order for Bangladesh to earn it’s name. My grandfather was captured and killed in the genocide of ‘71. So for me to accept to be called “Indian” would be an insult to my grandfather and all those who died for my country. I hope I opened your eyes from such a narrow perspective. 

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really you guys? this made me laugh x)

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I saw Macklemoore live, before “Thrift Shop”.

hipster comment: very necessary.

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henna heart 👳❤ #henna #nails #nailart #ombrenails

My dad just said he wants me to get married in 2 years.

Homie, calm down.

I need to educate myself first.

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outfits n stuff

(idk if i should make a seperate link to these on my naviagation)


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I’m having a bit too much fun trying out my new lens lol :p
got a 98 on my music appreciation final holla wassup.3 notes / 1 year ago / reblog